Some humble pie from Pete Jansons

A while back I shared an article from Robert Half that rated their top 10 resources for recruiting. I was excited to see CareerBuilder in the number 1 spot. Perhaps I let my excitement cloud my normally sound judgement. I shared the article with the caption “it’s good to be the king.” I didn’t think anything of it and I moved on.

Shortly after, I received an email from Pete Jansons, the VP of Sales who oversees my entire division. The email was blank with only 3 words in the subject line: “Arrogant. Let’s fix” was all it read. Momentarily, I forgot how to breathe. This is not the recognition I want from my leader. Pete is a busy guy and typically very straightforward, but still, this was a smack back to reality. I quickly changed the post and all was right with the world- hopefully.

I bring this up to illustrate something that we at CareerBuilder talk about everyday. In the modern recruiting landscape, the image of a company and the brand recognition that follows has a profound impact- positive or negative. Often times this is overlooked or thought of as inconsequential. It is far from that. This is something I try to impress upon my clients and colleagues regularly.

Company image is important enough for a very busy executive like Pete to feel that it warrants the time to keep his team of several hundred in check and ensure that we are always representing CareerBuilder in a positive and humble manner. I lost sight of that for a mere moment and I am grateful to have a leader who cares enough to give my ego a firm nudge out the door.

If you learn anything from my mistake, please learn that how your company is perceived is important and can have more of an impact than you might think. Now I encourage everyone to take a good hard look at how they represent their company; I know I did!

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