Google for Jobs: What do HR and Recruiting Leaders Need to Do Next?

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Happy Wednesday, to you! I have been in the writing process on a few posts regarding the recently released Google for Jobs platform. For how monumental this platform is, my post is long-overdue.

I will continue to write the informative posts but this video is too important not to share!

Yesterday, HR leaders Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn released this video chat/interview that perfectly sums up how to use Google for Jobs and what HR leaders need to do next.


A piece of advice from each of them:

“Whatever tool you’re using, you need to make sure there is a direct integration. We are a CareerBuilder shop, so CB was one of the first ones to actually build out that integration. So, if you post a job on CB, it’s automatically going to be above the fold on Google. It’s going to show up really high in terms of those search results.” -Tim Sackett

“Understand the connections and who automatically gets their jobs mainlined in- CareerBuilder certainly comes to mind. Indeed is NOT in that mix. ” -Kris Dunn

There is so much valuable information in this quick video that it can’t be missed. Everything from discussing why and when to do a macro-level analysis of your spend with job boards to how Google for Jobs functions overall and how it will impact you and your organization.

In short, do yourself a favor and watch this video!

Happy learning-


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